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Gasbarro - Lymphoedema

Onderzoeken / Deep Oscillation

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Gasbarro - Lymphoedema

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1. FOR THE ORIGINAL PAPER (IN ITALIAN LANGUAG E) SEND AN E-MAIL AT Page 1 of 1 This article should be cited as follows: G ASBARRO V, ET AL . Ruolo dell`oscilazione profonda (HIVAMAT ® 200) nel trattamento fisico del linfedema degli arti. La medicina estetica 30:473-478 (2006). Institution: O.U. OF VASCULAR AND ENDOVASCULAR SURGERY S. ANNA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL FERRARA, Ferrara, Italy. Abstract BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE The important goals achieved by the biomed ical technologies lead us to search new mechanisms to contribute to the treatment of lymphatic pathologies. Th e aim of our study is to examine a new instrumental physiotherapeut ic method characterized by the utilization of intermittent electrostatic fiel ds with deep oscillation. MATERIAL AND METHODS HIVAMAT ® 200 operates at the level of the connect ive tissue using a pulsing electrostatic field, producing an intense resonant vibration within the tissues invo lved. The repetition of this phenomenon in rapid succession generates rh ythmic deformations of the tissue. This action permits fibre and tissue layers to reac quire motricity and malleability. Upon these premises we conducted a clinical and instrumental study in order to verify it’s efficacy in the treatment of lymphedemas of the limb. From May to December 2005, 20 patients affected by lymphedema of the limbs underwent treatment with HIVAMAT ® 200 in conjunction with II class elastic stockings. RESULTS The results obtained in 20 patients confirmed that this method ca n have an important role in the treatment of such a complex disease. We achieved a statis tically significant reduction in the circumference of the limbs and in the thickness of the subcutis. CONCLUSION The advantage of HIVAMAT ® 200 lies in the combination of electricity and the various techniques of manual massage, thereby improvi ng the results and the quality of treatment. Moreover, due to the potential for self-treatme nt, it is also possibl e to offer an on-going domestic therapy. Literature  


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